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September 9, 2019

We are building a global SRE team to help us optimise the whole of Culture Trip’s software system. As an SRE at Culture Trip  you will work across Engineering and DevOps to build a world class process, culture and toolset. You will also help coach the entire software team on SRE thinking and best practices and bring existing DevOps engineers into the SRE fold. The remit of the SRE team will be to develop and implement methodologies, techniques and tooling to enhance product reliability and maintainability.
SRE will work closely with engineering teams to advocate sensible, scalable systems design as well as building the best tools to diagnose, resolve and prevent production issues.. Above all, you should be creative, clever, passionate, and love building and running teams. This is a new team and so we need people with experience working in SRE teams reducing toil, helping set and use SLOs and bringing a strong focus on maintainability, observability and debuggability.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Be a core member of the SRE team. Help other teams set their service level objectives (SLOs), agreements (SLAs) and build indicators (SLIs) to measure them.
  • Work on optimising the whole system so that it meets the SLOs and is observable, debuggable and maintainable
  • Interview new SREs to build a solid SRE team in London and Tel Aviv
  • Help define what SRE means at Culture Trip and how best to implement SRE thinking across the whole team
  • Promoting best practices within SRE and across the engineering team as a whole
  • Work with the broader team to ensure excellence across Culture Trip’s products, process and codebase

Desired Skills & Experience:

  • Experience of modern SRE practices.
  • Experience instrumenting Java, nodejs, or golang applications
  • Deep understanding of SRE tools, time series databases, service mesh
  • Instinctive desire to automate
  • Experience of working in a DevOps environment
  • Strong knowledge of Agile methodologies
  • Recent hands on development experience, ideally in an SRE role
Culture Trip is committed to equality of opportunity for all. We strongly believe that diversity of backgrounds, ethnicities, experience, circumstances, abilities and perspectives leads to a better workplace for our employees and a better product for our users.
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