Associate Backend Engineer // JustPark

September 25, 2019

We’re recruiting for an Associate Backend Engineer to support the delivery of a backend system that takes over 500k bookings a month from over 3 million active users.

About the role

This position is all about helping to build a backend that delivers new tools and products to 3 million users, building solutions that ensure our customers experience a world-class service from our products.

You’ll be working with our backend stack including PHP and SQL. You’ll support user journeys across desktop, mobile web and our touch screen kiosk as well as our Android and iOS app. You’ll deliver new initiatives to ensure the resilience & reliability of our environment.

We’re here to deliver a solution that makes life better for our customers. While we don’t expect you to have all the answers, you’ll seek out people here at JustPark and in the wider engineering community who inspire you, educate you and show you new ways of working. We work in cross-functional squads, so you’ll work with our Product, Design, Marketing and Sales teams to learn more about what they do. You’ll be responsible for delivering scalable backend systems that will allow JustPark to grow at speed. There’ll be opportunities to work across our B2C Client solutions as well as our customer-focused portfolio of products.

To give you more of an idea of the kind of projects you’ll be working on, here are just some of the initiatives our backend and platform teams have delivered recently

  • We facilitated more bookings in the last 12 months than in the history of JustPark. All with minimal downtime and a great user experience from our highly performant systems
  • Developed a dynamic pricing system that automatically adjusts pricing to meet occupancy demand, which has had a big impact on revenue.
  • Delivering microservices, using GRPC, go and docker, refactoring our backend systems to build a highly scalable architecture that will facilitate increased business growth.
  • Refactored the legacy codebases heavily allowing us to ensure they can deal with request volume optimally, as fast as possible.
  • We migrated our data from AWS to Google cloud, migrating billions of rows of data with zero downtime.
  • We’ve moved all existing applications into a cloud native architecture, taking advantage of things like canary releases and fast rollbacks allowing us to ship with confidence knowing that we have safety nets in place.
  • Written our own pricing engine, that can handle any car parks pricing structure.
  • Offline minute by minute pricing for our apps – allowing us to charge our customers more fairly for the time they’ve used
About you

We’re looking for someone who’s at the beginning of their career in software engineering.

We understand that you’re just starting out, so we value passion over experience. You’ll ask a lot questions, but you’ll also be willing to roll your sleeves up and give things a go, with the support of our experienced team, of course.

We don’t stand on ceremony or hide behind hierarchy – here, the best idea wins. We value people who are smarter than us and can teach us something new. You’ll be able to stand up for something you believe is right, and challenge when you see something that could be better. And you’ll welcome the challenge from your team when they do the same, because we’re all working towards a common goal.

You might have a degree, you might not. What you will have is a great foundation of software engineering best practice, and a drive to always learn something new.

We work hard, but we have fun doing it. As individuals, we’re laid back and we enjoy spending time as a team. But beneath that relaxed exterior, we’re a driven bunch with a track record of delivering even in the most challenging of circumstances. You can expect to be given autonomy to work, but with that autonomy comes responsibility and accountability.

We care about quality, and we expect the same from every person in the team. We laugh at our mistakes, but we don’t make them more than once. When things go wrong, we focus on finding a solution, support each other to make it right again and learn from it to do better in the future.

We want teams that enjoy spending time together. So we’ve built a culture that encourages teams to get to know each other – whether that’s impromptu Street Fighter contests, company-wide away days or retreats. We provide a freshly cooked lunch every day courtesy of our in-house chef, check out whatsjuliecooking for some inspiration!

Our teams work hard to make JustPark a success, so it’s important to us that they can share in that success. That’s why we offer stock offer options to every member of the team. We work hard to achieve some ambitious goals with the knowledge we’re building something truly valuable.

We trust that our team has the best interests of our customers at heart, which means we trust you to know what’s needed to get the job done. Whether that’s working the hours that suit you, setting you up for remote working or making sure you have the right kit, we’ll work with you to create the right environment for you to succeed.

We’re in this for the long term, and we have big ambitions for the future. To help us get there, we want to grow our own superstars from within. We fund additional training, provide mentoring and work with you to develop a career plan so we can help you get where you want to go, too.

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