Senior Manager, Performance Marketing // Lyst

September 9, 2019

Lyst is looking for the best performance marketing talent in the industry to lead a team of superstars to drive mega growth. This role is in a Squad that is at the heart of Lyst growth success and is a key driver of making customers happy by connecting them to fashion products they love through the arts of performance marketing. You will sit in an experienced multi disciplined squad of Product, Engineer, Analyst and Operation specialist all working to accelerate growth through acquisition. You will report directly to the SVP of Marketing to ensure execution of optimisation and expansion strategies, influence marketing tool development, delivering projects and executing experiments with help from your talented team.


  • Lead a multi-disciplined marketing team of 4+ marketing specialists organised into 2 key areas, driving traffic to International and English Lyst websites. It will be your responsibility to build the team further to maintain existing channels and explore new growth opportunities. As a superstar manager you will invest in your teams development and build a culture to stay hungry and be impact focused. You will work closer with SVP of Marketing and Product leads to help your team optimise campaigns, execute operations and compile meaning analysis efficiently.
  • You will be ultimately responsible for driving growth from new and existing marketing channels (Search, Shopping, Affiliate, Remarketing, Display, Social, APP Installs and Experiments), external relationships with Ad platforms, agencies and above all growth innovations through marketing approaches. You will do this by project managing all aspects of executions, putting together roadmaps and contributing on the wider tribe and company mission.
  • You will need to be ahead of shifts in the industry and understand the market, through quantitative and qualitative analysis, which informs your optimisations tactics . This allows you to allocate resources within your squad and define the problems each should be solving to meet growth targets.
  • Ensure your team has a clear mission, and everyone in your team understands how their collective impact helps Lyst achieve its growth mission, which should form their primary motivation.
  • You will be expected to make fast decisions, lead by example, be self motivated, own failures and need minimal support to achieve your goals. You should feel comfortable working autonomously, know when to step in, be hands on and when to delegate to your team.

What we expect at Lyst from a Senior Manager, Performance Marketing:

  • Ultimately responsible/accountable for delivering commercial commitments, Lyst expects double digit growth YOY (Our forecasts are a minimum and not a target).
  • Should be able to prioritise impact above all and deliver long and short term performance marketing projects
  • Work with other owners/senior leadership around the business and disciplines to ensure squad is updated with necessary information to delivery goals
  • Advice SVP of Marketing and Tribe Leads on cause and effect of known shifts in the landscape supported by quantitative and qualitative analysis.
  • Comfortable working with Product Managers to help guide technology development
  • Ensure cultural values of Lyst are lived by team
  • Grow relationships with ad partners to ensure Lyst is a priority and latest opportunities are available ahead of general market release
  • Encourage cross discipline collaboration and development
  • Upskill direct reportees and educate other disciplines supporting your mission
  • This role does not cover Brand or stunt based Marketing
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